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USTP-Panaon is a campus satellite located in Misamis Occidental of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. The University has an uncompromising commitment to excellence in maintaining its academic standard and superior quality learning environment. This excellence is also congruent with its relevant curricula, pertinent instructional design, distinguished teachers and staff, and a strong student support system that embeds a firm organizational and operational capacity.

USTP-Panaon is a catalyst for innovation that supports its educational philosophies to link technological resources and laboratories for teaching and learning process. It is dedicated to offering services to students with technical skills and ingenious interest for skill development. This is to provide a career-related education and training for students that bridge opportunities in response to the global market, entrepreneurship, commercialization, and globalization.

Its strategic location has extensive aquatic and diving sites which expand its framework in Marine Biology, an accredited program by virtue of the University’s quality in facilities, services, and faculty. Moreover, University’s core priority in the fields of environmental and marine sciences has open access to solution- focused research participation of the students’ body and staff and an open access to extension projects that network business, industry, livelihood, and employment in the community and market workplaces.

Programs in the undergraduate are Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Resources Management Technology (BSARMT), Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology (BSMB), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), and Bachelor of Science in Technology and Livelihood Education (BSTLE).


A nationally-recognized S&T University providing the vital link between education and the economy


  • Bring the world of work (industry) into the actual higher education and training of students
  • Offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to maximize their business potentials through a gamut of services from product conceptualization to commercialization;
  • Contribute significantly to the National Development Goals of food security and energy sufficiency through technology solutions.


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